Alleged attacks on Israeli troops end with 2 suspects dead

(JTA) — Israeli troops killed two people in separate incidents, which an army spokesperson said featured an attempt to attack Israelis.

One fatality, a Palestinian resident, was shot Friday near Hebron inside a vehicle. Troops on the ground said he was trying to run them over before they opened fire on the car.  A Palestinian woman who was with the person killed Friday was critically wounded in the shooting, the Maan news agency reported. A knife was found in the car fired upon, the army said in a statement.

In an incident that occurred Friday in east Jerusalem, Israeli troops shot and killed a man reported to be a Jordanian citizen. He allegedly was trying to carry out a stabbing attack outside Damascus Gate.

On Thursday, a 30-yerar-old Palestinian, Muhammad Ahmad Abed al-Fattah al-Sarrahin, was died of gunshot wounds he sustained during a clash earlier in the day with Israeli forces that raided his village of Beit Ula in the southern West Bank district of Hebron.