Alan Dershowitz is meeting with Trump, who seeks his ‘input’


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Alan Dershowitz, the famed constitutional lawyer, is dining with President Donald Trump as the president faces new risk in a federal probe into his campaign.

“Dershowitz has been at the White House for part of today as Trump seeks his input, and he’s supposed to have dinner with the president tonight, per White House sources,” New York Times White House reporter Maggie Haberman posted Tuesday evening on Twitter.

Trump was outraged Monday after federal agents raided the properties of his personal lawyer and longtime adviser, Michael Cohen, who allegedly arranged payments to silence women accusing Trump of extramarital liaisons.

Dershowitz, a Democrat, has said repeatedly in televised appearances that Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor investigating Trump, has overreached, and that the special counsel institution is inherently problematic and prone to abuse. He has said he would have made the same claims about an investigation into a Democratic president.

Trump, who reportedly has had trouble keeping lawyers because he tends not to listen to their advice, in recent months has hired personalities whose television appearances have impressed him.


Dershowitz is a prominent defender of Israel and has said he has consulted with Trump on his Israel policy.