Adelson to face courtroom cameras despite safety concerns

WASHINGTON (JTA) – Sheldon Adelson, a major benefactor of Jewish and Israeli causes, will face courtroom cameras in an upcoming trial despite safety concerns based on his views on Israel.

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A Nevada court ruled against a petition by Adelson asking to keep cameras out of the courtroom during a breach of contract civil trial concerning The Sands, a Las Vegas casino of which he is CEO. The petition cited concerns for his safety and that of his family, according to a report in Politico. The trial was scheduled to begin Thursday.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the parties were bound by a confidentiality agreement and could not comment on Monday’s hearing.

In petitioning the court to keep Adelson from being videotaped, his attorneys cited a statement from Las Vegas Sands chief of security Brian Nagel, Politico reported.

“Mr. Adelson has achieved widespread notice not merely because he is the CEO of a major corporation, but also because he is a prominent advocate of political views — including, but not limited to, views concerning U.S. policy concerning Israel — that are highly controversial in some quarters,” Adelson’s lawyers wrote. “The world does not need and can ill afford yet another tragic demonstration that some individuals who hold opposing views will engage in acts of violence and terrorism targeting individuals, like Mr. Adelson, whose views they reject.

The lawsuit concerns a breach of contract suit that was filed against Adelson’s company in 2004, according to Politico. Plaintiff Richard Suen said he should have been paid for his work in helping the Sands obtain licensing in Macau.

A jury rendered a $43.8 million verdict against Adelson, but the ruling was overturned in 2010.


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