3 Palestinians attempting to infiltrate Israel from Gaza killed by Israeli soldiers


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Three Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers in two separate incidents on the border with Gaza.

The incidents, all involving the Gaza border fence, took place on Sunday evening.

Two Palestinians trying to damage the security fence and infiltrate into Israel were fired upon by Israeli soldiers, killing one. The second was taken into custody for questioning.

In a second incident, two Palestinians broke through the security fence and began throwing firebombs at Israeli soldiers. The soldiers responded with gunfire, killing both infiltrators.

Earlier in the evening, two Palestinians armed with tools meant to damage the border fence and knives were arrested after the infiltrated into Israel on the border with southern Gaza.

Also on Sunday, a fire broke out in the Gaza border-area  Kissufim forest after a kite carrying a Molotov cocktail launched from Gaza landed there. The blaze was brought under control by firefighters.