230 new immigrants arrive in Israel from Ukraine

Marcy Oster

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Some 230 new immigrants from Ukraine arrived in Israel.

The immigrants landed Tuesday at Ben Gurion Airport on a flight organized by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

There were 78 families in the group, as well as four Holocaust survivors and more than 40 children.

Some of the new arrivals left war-torn areas suffering from civil unrest.

“Life in Ukraine has become life without a future, especially for families with children,” said a couple identified in a news release as Olski and Irina L. “Because of the continuing war the economic situation is also terrible. For us it was clear, if we are looking for a future for our children, it is better to do it in the land of Israel.”

Since the Fellowship began bringing immigrants to Israel in 2014, 5,179 arrivals have some from Ukraine.