150 Palestinians arrested during raids on southern Gaza

Marcy Oster

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli troops in southern Gaza arrested 150 Palestinians, dozens of whom surrendered voluntarily to the soldiers.

About 70 of the arrested Gazan Palestinians, who are suspected of carrying out terrorist attacks, were transferred for interrogation, The Times of Israel reported, citing an IDF spokeswoman.

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Dozens of the Palestinians, most believed to be members of Hamas, surrendered to the soldiers during raids on Rafah and Khan Yunis, according to the Times of Israel. All of the detainees were later released.

The IDF said in a statement issued on Thursday that several prominent field commanders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad were targeted in recent days by both the IDF and the Shin Bet security service in a combined effort.

“All terrorists targeted were involved in many attacks against IDF soldiers in Gaza and in the firing of rockets at Israeli communities. They’ve also been central figures during Operation Protective Edge,” the IDF said in its statement.

The commanders were identified as: Acram Salah Mahmmar Sh’ar, in charge of Palestinian Islamic Jihad ‘s militant activity in the area of Khan Yunis including executing attacks against IDF forces on the Gaza border and of rockets fired from the area;  Mahmoud Awwad Ali Ziada , head of PIJ activity in the northern Gaza Strip; Shaben Haled Sha’aben Dahduh, head of PIJ activity in Gaza City region; and Sa’yeed Mahamed Nasser Au Mamer, head of PIJ activity in Rafah.

The Palestinian Maan news agency reported that 37 Palestinians were killed across Gaza on Thursday morning, bringing the Palestinian death toll on the 17th day of Israel’s operation to 734, with more than 4,000 injured.

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