10 terrorists killed after entering Israel through Gaza tunnel

Marcy Oster

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli troops killed 10 Gazan terrorists who infiltrated Israel through a tunnel from northern Gaza.

The terrorists emerged from a tunnel Monday morning into Israeli territory between two kibbutzes, Erez and Nir Am, located in southern Israel near the border with Gaza, the IDF reported.

The infiltration was captured on IDF radars.

One cell of infiltrators was struck by bombs from Israel Air Force planes, and a second cell was killed during a gunfight with Israeli troops, according to the IDF.

Residents of the two kibbutzes and some surrounding southern Israeli towns were ordered to remain in their homes with the doors locked for several hours on Monday morning as the IDF searched for other possible infiltrators.

Israel’s Shin Bet security service reportedly had warned the IDF of a potential infiltration in the area.

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