Watch Jack Black’s ‘Teen Wolf’ sequel



Have you ever found yourself wondering what happened to the character Michael J. Fox played in the classic ’80s comedy “Teen Wolf”? Well folks, Jack Black has bestowed upon us the answer—as well as a new meaning for the word Jewfro.

In the (totally fake) film “Adult Wolf,” which ran on a recent episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Black is a high school basketball star Scott Howard, who is now living in a trailer with his dad, played by Kyle Gass (aka the other half of Tenacious D).

In order to earn the $9,000 necessary for a full-body wax at a salon manned by Rachel Bilson, the hairy pair enter a basketball competition where they’re up against Scrubs star John C. McGinley and his son, John Wall, of NBA fame.

Will they win? Will Scott hook up with the salon staffer? Will he go through with the hair removal? See for yourself.

Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.