Watch: Ben Stiller, Joan Rivers and David Copperfield crowdfund for Penn Jillette

Think Penn Jillette is a mensch? He’s enlisted some big-name (and some Jewish) stars to convince you otherwise.

In order to raise funds for his film project, “Director’s Cut,” a thriller in which he’ll play a creepy fan who stalks an actress, the magician has turned to Donald Trump’s website,

The theme of his campaign is “Penn is a BAD guy,” and it features testimonials from a number of celebs, including Joan Rivers, Ben Stiller, and David Copperfield who explain just how evil Jillette really is.

Rivers accuses Jillette of badmouthing his silent partner Teller, who’s so nice he “wouldn’t say shit about anyone if his mouth was full of it.”

Stiller sings Penn’s praises, until he realizes he’s stumping for Penn Jillette — not Sean Penn.

“The magic guy? Is he the big one or the little one?” Stiller says when corrected. “Oh, that guy’s a dick.”

And Copperfield cracks open the Encylopedia Britannica, in which Jillette’s picture illustrates the “Bad Guy” entry. And a couple of other entries, too.

Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.