Trivia tidbits from Jewish Light history: the 1960’s

Ken Kranzberg in Feb. 2, 1966 Jewish Light


1. In the Feb. 2, 1966 issue of the Jewish Light, who was this gentleman (pictured at right) who appeared on p. 12 after having been named chairman of the Young Adults Division of the Jewish Federation? 


2. Last year B’nai El announced it would be putting its temple property up for sale. When did it break ground on the mid-county facility on the Outer Road of Highway 40 and what was the cost?

A. June 1964 for $450,000

B. March 1966 for $570,000

C. August 1968 for $700,000

D. September 1969 for $780,000 


3. According to the July 7, 1965 Jewish Light, who once owned the house bought by Washington University to be used as a student center by the B’nai Brith Hillel Foundation?

A. Josephine Baker

B. Vincent Price

C. Tennessee Williams

D. Buddy Ebsen



1.  Ken Kranzberg

2. (A) June 1964 at a cost of $450,000. The temple’s first sanctuary was at 6th and Cerre streets, and was the first Jewish sanctuary erected west of the Mississippi in 1855.

3.  (B) Vincent Price