Trivia tidbits from Jewish Light history: the 1960’s

The front page of the Aug. 27, 1969 edition of the Jewish Light.

1. The year man finally landed on the moon, how much was a brand new 1969 Ford Galaxie fastback priced at in a Kribs Ford City advertisement from March 26?

A. $1,295

B. $1,597

C. $2,106

D. $2,484


2. What year did Spain officially rescind a 1492 edict expelling the Jews from Spain?


3. What pitcher was featured on p. 4 of the St. Louis Jewish Light’s August 27, 1969 issue after pitching a no-hitter for the Chicago Cubs?



1. $2,484 (D). Optional equipment packages included a deluxe steering wheel and white wall tires.

2. 1968. The proclamation was formally read from the pulpit of Madrid’s new synagogue and announced in the pages of the Jewish Light on Jan. 1, 1969.

3. Ken Holtzman, a graduate of University City High School, who achieved the feat against the Atlanta Braves.