St. Louis Stands With Israel Rally

Waving their flags and holding their signs, teens at the St. Louis Stands with Israel Rally demonstrate their support.

Abby Miller and Kyla Gersten

On Sunday Aug. 3, about 300 Jews from all across Saint Louis gathered together on the corner of Forsyth and Hanley in Clayton to hold a peaceful pro-Israel rally. The rally was in response to the St. Louis Palestinian Solidarity Committee, which held a march to protest American aid to Israel.

Alongside the adults at the pro-Israel rally, there was a strong teen presence.  These teens were even some of the most enthusiastic people there, with faces painted with stars and Israeli flags worn as capes. Standing on all four corners of the intersection, they held signs with messages such as “STL stands with Israel” and “More Hummus, less Hamas.”

Demonstrators waved both Israeli and American flags, and sang both Jewish songs and prayers, as well as both the Israeli and American national anthems. Cars honked in support of Israel as they drove through the intersection, and some cars were decked out in Israeli flags for the occasion.

The Palestinian Solidarity Committee’s march went down Hanley, eventually turning before reaching Forsyth Blvd where the pro-Israel rally was taking place. Even as the two groups were less than a block away, no confrontation occurred and each went their separate ways at the end.