Senior Goodbyes

Ohr Chadash seniors, 2015

By Senior Staff Members

Haley Abramson
Senior, John Burroughs
I have loved every minute of my past five years on the teen page, whether as a writer, associate editor, editor-in-chief or finally as a contributing editor. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped with leadership, editing, layout, and publishing.
Next year, I will study mechanical and biomedical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Once again, thank you, and good luck to next year’s staff!
Hannah Snidman
Senior, Ladue Horton Watkins High School
Thank you, Ohr Chadash, for all of the opportunities you gave me these past three years on staff. I have gotten to interview so many unique people and write about incredible stories. I hope to continue pursuing journalism at Bradley University, where I will be studying psychology next year. Thanks again for all of the memories!
Wishing you the best for future years!
Stephen Yoffie
Senior, Parkway, Central High School
The past three years with Ohr Chadash have been fantastic! It has been an amazing process to go from a writer to an editor and learn all aspects of the writing process. I will be attending Washington University next year, and, being so close, I will hopefully be able to lend a hand to the next generation of Ohr Chadash writers. I can’t wait to see the Ohr Chadash page continue to thrive!
Ben Collinger
Senior, Ladue Horton Watkins High School
Ohr Chadash has afforded me the opportunity to write, edit and lead a fantastic section in a well-respected professional community newspaper. The experience catalyzed a unique exploration of St. Louis’ Jewish community that would be inaccessible without the Jewish Light
I will be attending Trinity University in the fall, where I will study international affairs, business and Spanish. Although I do not plan to pursue journalism as a career, the invaluable perspective I have gained over the past few years is one I will continue to draw from in the future. I would like to thank advisers Caroline Goldenberg and Peggy Kaplan for their unwavering support of Ohr Chadash, as well as Mike Sherwin and Ellen Futterman for their guidance and expertise. I look forward to watching Ohr Chadash continue to develop and grow in the years to come, proud to have contributed to this unique publication!
Kyla Gersten
Senior, Parkway, Central High School
My time on Ohr Chadash has been amazing! I became a staff writer in 8th grade and since then have been the managing editor-in-chief for two years and then the editor-in-chief this past year with Abby. Ohr Chadash has been a fantastic experience that I am truly thankful that I got to be a part of during the entirety of my high school career. 
I am very excited that I am going to get to be the Israel correspondent next year as I will be taking classes and volunteering in Israel as a part of the Nativ program. 
Good luck to Sydney, Ali, and all of the new editors and staff members. I cannot wait to read the stories online!
Danielle Serota
Senior, Parkway Central High School
Ohr Chadash has been a fantastic experience and has taught me so much. I joined the staff as a writer my sophomore year, then the following year was online and social media editor, and this year served as new staff editor. It had been an incredibly rewarding experience working with and teaching our new writers. After graduation I will be making aliyah and serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. I have deferred my admission to UCLA as a neuroscience major to the fall of 2018. I am so excited to return home!
Elise Vincent
Senior, Ladue Horton Watkins High School
 I just began writing for the Jewish Light this year, and I regret not starting sooner! It has been really fun getting to know everyone on staff, having the opportunity to explore writing more, and the journalistic experience. This fall, I will be attending the University of Rochester in New York and doing NROTC, which is a Navy scholarship that entails a five year military commitment after college. I plan on studying neuroscience and psychology. I would like to give a huge thank you to all the 2014-2015 teen editors, staff writers, Peggy and Caroline for contributing to this amazing experience!
Abby Miller
Senior, Ladue Horton Watkins High School
Thank you to everyone who has supported me for the past four years on the Ohr Chadash staff. I’ve enjoyed my time here immensely, especially the past year working as editor-in-chief with my friend Kyla. Thank you especially to my aunt Shulamith, avid reader of the Light and one of my biggest supporters. I am looking forward to next year, where I will studying at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. I wish Ali Gold and Sydney Tischler the best of luck as editors next year, and I know they will do a fabulous job leading the page.