Ohr Chadash senior editors prepare to graduate high school

Seniors of Ohr Chadash

Ohr Chadash senior editors prepare to graduate high school 

Editor in Chief Ali Gold

I feel so lucky to have been a part of Ohr Chadash for the past three years. In my roles as writer, online and social media editor, and editor in chief, I have had an incredibly enriching experience. The memories and friendships I have made through this page are very meaningful to me; I especially value my relationships with my co-editor Sydney, managing editor Louisa, and our wonderful advisors Caroline Goldenberg and Lauren Sagel.

Next year, I will attend Washington University in the College of Arts and Sciences. Though I am unsure of what my future will hold, I am interested in pursuing psychology and writing, and in continuing my involvement with journalism.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me become the person and writer I am today. I am excited to see where Ohr Chadash goes in the future, and I wish next year’s staff the best of luck.


Editor in Chief Sydney Tischler


My participation in the publication of the Ohr Chadash page each month has helped me hone my writing and editing skills and connect with the Jewish community in St. Louis in a unique way, and I am proud to have spent the past two years working with such motivated teens. I cannot thank our fantastic advisors, Caroline Goldenberg and Lauren Sagel, for the constant stream of support they provide, and I am so grateful to the entire Jewish Light staff for their help and advice.

I am thrilled to attend Wellesley College next year. I will most likely major in Political Science, a declaration that is definitely subject to change.

  Thank you to all of the teen page writers for their promptness and dedication to the page, to Ali and Louisa for their editing precision, creativity, and outstanding leadership, and to everyone else who has supported Ohr Chadash over the years.


Managing Editor Louisa Goldman

I have been on the teen page for three years, and throughout high school, I don’t think there is any one activity that stands out more than Ohr Chadash; the teen page has not only given me the opportunity to be published, but introduced me to so many wonderful people. Without our dedicated staff, especially Ali and Sydney, the page would not be what it is today. Our adult supervisors, Lauren Sagel and Caroline Goldenberg, have provided our team with the confidence needed to independently run our very own page while remaining close whenever a question may come up.

I am heading off to Colby College next year, where I plan on studying in molecular biology and English. Whether or not writing is in my future I am uncertain; I do know, however, that I will take the lessons and relationships Ohr Chadash has given to me and use them in all of my endeavors.