Ohr Chadash creates new opportunities for students


Before I entered the big, seemingly daunting doors of my high school, I knew that I wanted to join the school paper. I took two journalism classes, eventually rising in the ranks from writer to editor, and I have loved every second. Journalism brings people together; some of my very best friends I’ve met through my school’s journalism program, and I couldn’t imagine my high school experience without them.

However, joining my school’s newspaper, the Panorama, wasn’t enough for me. I was hungry for more– for a completely different community of equally as passionate teens looking to inform the public, form bonds, and produce a loved paper. And that is exactly what I found when I joined Ohr Chadash. 

After my friend and editor-in-chief of my school paper mentioned that she thought I would be a good fit for another paper she worked for called Ohr Chadash, I decided to apply. The application process was simple, and I was soon accepted to be a writer for the page. 

At my first meeting, staff members introduced themselves and took some time to get to know me. I absolutely love that Ohr Chadash has provided me with the opportunity to make new friends from various schools, because I wouldn’t have met the majority of the students on the page if not for our love of writing.

I have also received meaningful guidance because of my current role as editor-in-chief. The co-chairs of Ohr Chadash, Lauren Sagel and Caroline Goldenberg, are kind and helpful resources, always willing to work with both the writers and the people who hold leadership positions. They are responsive, and I’m grateful to have their support.


When I first saw an article of mine that was published in the Jewish Light for around 10,000 people to see, I was taken aback. That feeling has never waned; I still feel butterflies in my stomach when I see my name on the byline of an article.

Ohr Chadash has created incredible opportunities for me. This past year, I was asked to write an article for the Jewish Light about recent events that had happened at my school. If I were not an Ohr Chadash staff member, I would have never had the chance to see my name next to an article in a real paper.

So, why join Ohr Chadash? It’s simple: Ohr Chadash is an incredibly welcoming, fun environment. All of the staff members come from very different backgrounds – one writer attends a Yeshiva high school, while another is a student at a school where you can count the number of Jews on your hands– yet we all have a common goal: to publish a high-quality paper. 

Apply today to be a writer for Ohr Chadash! You will join a community of talented, unique students.