Farewell to the graduating seniors of Ohr Chadash

Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen:

When I joined Ohr Chadash as a junior, I felt nervous about writing for a professional publication and taking on new responsibilities as a co-managing editor. Despite my initial reservations, the decision to become a part of Ohr Chadash was one of the best I ever made.

The Jewish Light demands responsibilities and offers experiences that my school paper couldn’t. I’ve received professional constructive criticism, written and edited furiously to meet deadlines, and experienced the rush of seeing my writing and design in a professional paper.

Although I do not plan to go into journalism as a career, I will bring the sense of responsibility and professionalism fostered by Ohr Chadash to the University of Southern California as a Mork Scholar. I thank our advisers, Peggy Kaplan, Elizabeth Tucker, and Mimi Pultman, as well as Mike Sherwin and Ellen Futterman, for their guidance, their time, and their undying faith in Ohr Chadash’s unique ability to unite the St. Louis teen Jewish community. I look forward to witnessing what Ohr Chadash becomes.

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Sarah Cohen:

The past two years with Ohr Chadash have been both informative and enjoyable. I have learned a tremendous amount about the process of creating a newspaper. Ohr Chadash also improved my skills in communicating and working with large groups. 

I will be attending Yale University next year where I will study French and neuroscience. While journalism will most likely not be a part of my college experience or career, the skills that I gained from working as a member of the Ohr Chadash staff will be useful no matter what I pursue. I would like to thank Mimi Pultman, Peggy Kaplan, and Elizabeth Tucker for being wonderful leaders and mentors throughout my time on the Ohr Chadash staff. I would also like to thank Mike Sherwin and Ellen Futterman for their support of and assistance to the teen page. 

Finally, I would to thank my fellow staff members because of them, I know that the teen page will continue to thrive.


Mia Kweskin:

When I joined the Ohr Chadash Teen Page staff three years ago, I never imagined how much I would take away from the experience.  Besides working with a group of immensely talented Jewish teens, I have had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of interviewing, writing, and editing, gain the experience of working at a professional newspaper and even attend a press screening of a movie as an added bonus.

Next year, I will attend Washington University where I plan to further my journalism experiences by writing for its school newspaper, Student Life.  I would like to thank the current teen page advisers Peggy Kaplan and Elizabeth Tucker, the former teen page advisers Mimi Pultman and Jenny Wolkowitz, as well as Ellen Futterman and Mike Sherwin for all the guidance they’ve provided me these past three years.  Most importantly I want to thank my parents for their constant support and encouragement, my brother Ben for reading all those articles I nagged him to read, and my incredible grandmas Shirley and Bert for giving me the confidence and courage to take on the world.  Ohr Chadash will forever hold a place in my heart and I look forward to seeing what next year’s staff has in store! 


Lily Siwak:

When I joined Ohr Chadash as a freshman, I had little to no experience as a writer or leader. In the past four years I have grown in more ways than I could have imagined, and my time at Ohr Chadash ignited a passion for journalism that I didn’t know I had. As a leader I have taken on new responsibilities and become accountable to people other than myself, and I will take everything I have learned from Ohr Chadash with me to Tulane University next year. Thank you to everyone who makes Ohr Chadash possible, especially Peggy Kaplan, Elizabeth Tucker, Mimi Pultman, Mike Sherwin, and Ellen Futterman for their time and commitment to making Ohr Chadash a great learning opportunity and an experience I will never forget.