Taylor Swift sounds a lot like Hitler

“It isn’t history that makes heroes. It’s heroes that make history,” writes Emily Pattinson on her “Real Taylor Swift Quotes” board on Pinterest.

Written in friendly, loopy script on a portrait of the singer in a fluffy pink dress, it looks both innocuous and totally plausible. The only catch? This quote is actually from Hitler.

Yes, that Hitler.

“Real Taylor Swift Quotes” is a brilliant mashup of publicity photos and quotes like the one above, from “Hitler’s Secret Conversations, 1941-44.” Other inspirational quotes from Hitler — such as “Words build bridges into unexpected regions” — look disconcertingly natural when juxtaposed with publicity stills of the pouty 23-year-old.

“Real Taylor Swift Quotes” leaves us with much to ponder: When did Hitler have time to write these nuggets of fluffy inspirational wisdom? Could Taylor Swift be harboring dictatorial ambitions? Who is this project really poking fun at? Pinterest? Swift? Hitler? Or us?

For now, we’re just happy to revel in its awesome absurdity.

Talia Lavin Talia Lavin is an intern at JTA. A recent Harvard graduate and aspiring novelist, she recently returned from a Fulbright grant in Ukraine, where she studied early 20th-century Hebrew literature.