Student spotlight: Bradley Baskir

Bradley Baskir

Moving from South Africa to Boston to Washington University’s campus, Bradley Baskir, 19, has learned to find his niche in each community. Baskir has used his Jewish faith and his love for sports to find his calling in the college-world.

“I have my own sports radio show that I co-host with another student,” he said. “You can listen to it on 90.3FM in St. Louis. I also play intramural sports like volleyball, football, softball, basketball, and club baseball.”

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Baskir’s involvement on campus doesn’t stop with athletics. After attending the AIPAC Saban Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. this summer, Baskir looks forward to starting his sophomore year as a co-chair for Wash U Students for Israel, an organization that organizes groups on campus to lobby for members of congress. He also serves as a FYSH-First Year Students of Hillel-liaison.

“I feel like a significant figure in the Jewish community and I’m excited to bring new students in,” said Baskir. “I’ve definitely made connections with other Jews on campus. We sometimes call the school ‘Wash Jew’ because there are so many of us.”

As a ‘conservadox’ Jew, Baskir recommends that incoming freshmen find their own niche in the community. “If you are someone that is used to doing Friday night dinner make yourself a goal to go to either Chabad or Hillel once a month. Just go for it. Before you know it your four years will be over. Take advantage of every opportunity and don’t feel afraid to ask questions. The best advice I can give is find reasons to do things, not reasons not to. Have a can-do attitude.”