Student spotlight: Adina Allen

Though dorm-life can sometimes feel confining, Adina Allen, 19, has found a cure. A rising sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis, Allen reaches out to the greater St. Louis community to escape campus isolation.

“I teach Hebrew school at B’nai Amoona on Sunday mornings, which connects me to some families in St. Louis,” said Allen.

Allen also looks to her own family to bring a bit of her home in St. Paul, Minn. to college. “My brother is in the law school at Wash U and my sister is also at Wash U. It’s been really helpful to have all three of us together. We occasionally have a holiday meal together and it reminds me of my home community.”

Though Allen hasn’t declared a major yet and isn’t sure what life after college looks like, she feels confident about her place in the Jewish community at Wash U. “My experience has been positive as a Jew. There are many options and opportunities for students to get involved. I’m going to be the president for Wash U Students for Israel and I’m involved in Hillel as a FYSH organizer to engage freshmen. I hope to be involved in more things this upcoming year with Hillel.”

The Into the Wild weekend retreat, held at the beginning of the year for Jewish Freshmen, helped Allen find her place in the Jewish community. “The retreat was a great way to meet people and learn about what’s out there for the coming year,” she said. “I recommend that all Jewish freshmen go on Into the Wild and keep an open mind to find their place in something they are interested in.”