Single life in St. Louis

Laurie Goldberg

By Laurie Goldberg

Of course I’m on JDate. And yes, I’ve even gone out on quite a few JDates. Some nice, some duds, none for me. I go to Jewish singles events – it’s very important to me that my future husband be not only Jewish but a Jewishly active Jew – but there are never any men there my age. Honestly. St. Louis is not an easy town for a woman like me to be looking for her beshert.

But still I look. And I do have a life. I’m a Jewish educator at a preschool, and I adore the kids. One of them told me today she wishes I could be her mommy. That sure triggered my I-want-to-be-a-mom button. But kids say the darndest things. That’s part of their cuteness. Anyway I handled it well. I just smiled at her and tousled her hair and moved on to the next thing.

I go out with friends, though of course most of them are married with children so I don’t get to see them very often. But I know they’re there. I wouldn’t mind meeting some women single friends to hang out with. Mostly I find a lot of activities to fill my time; meetup groups, lectures, Jewish events and classes, being with my family (that’s why I moved back to St. Louis a year ago after living in Israel for 3 years…I really missed my family) walking, painting, reading, surfing the ‘net, making earrings, playing on a kickball league – see I’m still cool even though I’m 44 – I’m a YOUNG 44!! Shouldn’t that score me points on the dating scene?

As a single person, I am aware that I am free and unfettered to do what I please, when I please, how I please, and where I please. I am free as a bird, I don’t have to share anything, or check with anyone when I want to make plans, or try to be nice when I’m in a bad mood, or jointly decide how to spend my money. I do cherish the positive aspects of being single and I also know that there are many miserable marriages out there. I know marriage isn’t the end all and be all of life. My life is too full as a single person to not know that. Still, I’d like to give marriage a try.