Schmidt and Nick crash a bar mitzvah on ‘New Girl’

Mazel tov to “New Girl” on their bar mitzvah…scene.

On the latest episode of the Fox comedy, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) Jews it up yet again, this time crashing a bar mitzvah with Nick (Jake Johnson), who he’s enlisted as his wingman. Nick’s job: To distract Schmidt’s rabbi (Jon Lovitz) so Schmidt can hit on his daughter Rachel.

It’s all typical “New Girl” stuff, but with yarmulkes. What could be bad? Here, five highlights from the party:

1. When introduced to an elderly guest, Nick suavely tips his yarmulke. You know, like it’s a regular hat.

2. The sports-themed centerpieces.

3. This joke from the rabbi: “Did you hear the one about the waiter? He walks up to a table of Jewish women and says ‘is anything alright?’”

4. The spat between Nick and the Rabbi, which includes scathing put-downs such as “You sir are no Sammy Davis Jr.!”

5. Schmidt’s prayer-pick up line hybrid: “Baruch atah adonice dress!”


Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.