Parkway Central senior still has ‘A Night to Remember,’ even without a prom

Taylor Stern is a senior at Parkway Central and a member of United Hebrew Congregation.

It’s a rite of passage most every high school senior looks forward to, but because of the coronavirus pandemic senior proms at high schools across the country were not to be this year. But that didn’t stop Taylor Stern.

The Parkway Central senior sent out an evite invitation to 20 of her close friends, instructing them to get “super dressed up” and do their hair and make-up on the night prom was supposed to be. Then she asked them to record videos during the entire process of them getting ready.

“There’s this one song from ‘High School Musical 3’ called ‘A Night to Remember,’ and I wanted to make a music video to it because it’s like the iconic prom theme number,” said Taylor, 18, who is a member of United Hebrew Congregation.

Judging from the 3 ½-minute video — which if you do nothing else this week, you must watch — everyone involved was familiar with the song, judging by the amount of lip synching and dancing throughout. 

Along with the evite, Taylor included a Google form asking, “Should Taylor Stern be prom queen?”

“The only option was yes,” said Taylor, adding that she intended the question to be funny. Still, she ordered a prom queen sash and tiara on Amazon to complete her evening ensemble.

In all seriousness, she said having her senior prom canceled was “a bummer,” but not tragic.

“It was definitely something a lot of us were looking forward to and it was definitely upsetting that it was canceled but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I did something that gave some of us at least a couple of hours of entertainment. We all made the best out of a bad situation.”