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Arnold Schwab 

Picture this

You know the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, frankly, I was never much of a believer because, as a print journalist, it seemed to insinuate that I could be out of a job. But now that I’ve been in the writing business since Presdient Jimmy Carter’s administration and feel slightly more secure, I can definitely relate to how powerful visual images can be, often transporting us to another place and time with just a glance.

It’s this kind of thinking that has led the Jewish Light this week to launch “Picture of the Day” on our website, Every day, readers can look forward to a new picture of Jewish content – historical, current, or featuring a person from the Jewish community, groups of people, or a place or a thing. That’s right, 365 pictures a year, for as long as we can keep it going.

Which brings me to you, the reader. It would be great to include some of your pictures in our rotation. These could be family gatherings, including weddings and b’nai mitzvah celebrations, trips to Israel and other vacation spots, even a shot of a cherished piece of Judaica. We do ask that all pictures are G-rated and that you identify everyone (and everything) in the picture by name. 

New Mt. Sinai Cemetery advertisement

The easiest way to do this is to send us your picture(s) electronically to [email protected] and include all of the information I just mentioned along with your name and a daytime telephone number for contact purposes. 

If you would like to send a picture by mail, that’s fine, but please know that the Light cannot return the picture to you, so you might want to make a copy. The mailing address is the St. Louis Jewish Light, 6 Millstone Campus Drive, Suite 3010, St. Louis, MO 63146. Be sure to write “Picture of the Day” on the envelope.

So start checking out the “Picture of the Day” this week on the home page of and for all days to come.

Here’s to the mighty Arnold Schwab-anegger

A hearty mazel tov to Arnold Schwab, who celebrated his 100th birthday June 5. When I asked Arnold the secret to his longevity, he said, “It isn’t such a big deal to be 100. You just have to live that long.”

Actually, he did say a lot of it was luck. That and “a good wife.” He and his younger bride, Louise, who is 87, met on a blind date in Chicago, where Arnold grew up and Louise was working as an artist at an advertising firm.

“There were two partners in the firm, and one was a good friend of mine,” Arnold explained. “I told him, ‘I’ve taken out every dog in your family already. But OK. I’ll take her out on a Wednesday night and get rid of her quickly.’ 

“Well, I took her out, and I’m still getting rid of her,” he jokes, with pure affection. The couple were married in October 1946.

Arnold served in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II, becoming a captain. He had attended the University of Chicago for two years before the war; after the war, he went to DePauw University, where he eventually earned a law degree.

In 1956, he and Louise moved to St. Louis, where she had grown up and attended Clayton High. He was a vice president in her family’s oil business for six years before starting A.H. Schwab Company 4 J Brand, a manufacturing company that made sandboxes and picnic tables. “4 J” stands for his four children: John Julie, Jan and Joe (who owns Euclid Records). 

Arnold says he’s always been a “big sports guy,” playing football, basketball, tennis and baseball. He was once a partner in the Chicago White Sox organization, the team he grew up loving.

“I had to give up golf last year,” he added.

On June 7, Arnold’s friends and family, including his children, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, celebrated his 100th birthday with a party at Westwood Country Club.

When I asked son Joe whether his dad had any limitations, Joe said, “Not really, though unfortunately he continues to drive.”

That fact also has caused Louise some consternation. 

“I don’t let him drive by himself anymore,” she said. “For some reason, he likes to go to Westwood to take a shower. Why, I don’t know, since we have two showers at home (at One McKnight Place). But I just go with him and sit and do my knitting.”

Happy 100th, Arnold, and best of luck, though I don’t think you need it.

More kosher options

The Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch has developed a Vaad Hoer approved, state-of-the-art kosher facility, and will be giving a tour of it from 10-11 a.m. Tuesday, July 8 (private tours can be set up as well). Questions about kosher capabilities, pricing programs and menu options will be discussed during the tour, which includes complimentary valet parking. The hotel is located at 315 Chestnut Street at Fourth Street. RSVP to Ken Weintraub at [email protected] or 314-442-3731 to register.

In addition, Schnucks at Ladue Crossing is now offering “kosher seafood” on Thursdays. The type of fish may vary from week to week, but generally it includes tilapia, salmon, red snapper, halibut and sea bass. The store is located at 8867 Ladue Road.