Where you can find this Harvest Apple Blossom this week


It’s really starting to feel like fall out there now.  The days and nights are getting cooler and shorter and the leaves have just started to show some real color.  To me, fall time means apple time!

And I’m not alone. Apparently, the good folks at Broyt Baking Company are feeling the same.

“Since our launch in July we’ve been making challah, chocolate babka, and cinnamon-pecan babkas every week,” said Mitch Furman, owner of Broyt Baking Company, located inside The Bakers Hub in Chesterfield. “We’ve also started offering weekly specials: some old Broyt favorites like Salted Caramel Apple Challah, Garlic Chive Parmesan Challah, and Red Velvet Babka.”

This week, Broyt’s is offering a second chance to get this past week’s special, the Harvest Apple Blossom which is stuffed full of cinnamon-pecan filling and juicy apples, topped with a sweet sugar glaze.

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How To Get You Some

Broyt Baking Co. says they will be making a new batch of Harvest Apple Blossom this Thursday, so it should be available, along with their fresh challah and babka, at The Bakers Hub first thing Fridays (it’s available throughout the weekend until it sells out). The Bakers Hub is located at 67 Forum Shopping Center in Chesterfield and they’re open 9-6 on Wednesdays through Fridays, 9-4 on Saturdays, and 9-2 on Sundays.