What is Foolish Baseball? Find out on the latest ‘Field of Vision’


Alec Baris, Digital Content Manager

If you’re a baseball nerd, you’ll love the latest episode of “Field of Vision Sports – Fantasy Football & Baseball Podcast.”

Jordan Eisen, a junior at Parkway North High School, had an exclusive interview with Bailey, the mastermind behind Foolish Baseball.

Foolish Baseball is an incredibly successful YouTube channel with over 170,000 subscribers and more than 50,000 followers on Twitter. It is best known for creating analyses and deep dives in different aspects of Major League Baseball, whether about certain players, organizations, or moments in baseball history, appropriately named, “Baseball Bits.”

For more information about Bailey (he goes by that one name) and Foolish Baseball, visit his YouTube Channel or check out his Patreon.


During this episode of “Field of Vision,” Eisen talks with Bailey about his roots in baseball analysis and inspiration for Baseball Bits. In addition, they go over some of Bailey’s favorite videos to make out of the “Foolish Baseball Classics,” and his complicated relationship with MLB writer Jeff Passan before going in-depth about the current MLB season.

More specifically, Bailey and Eisen discuss the players who have gotten off to hot starts in 2021. Has Willson Contreras unlocked a new level? Is Carson Kelly a meaningful asset? What do you make of other hot starts throughout the league? Check out this week’s podcast for answers to those questions and a whole lot more.

The episode, released Tuesday, April 20, is available on Apple Podcasts.

Since the end of 2019, Eisen has interviewed the most influential analysts in the fantasy sports community, almost every single week. Covering both football and baseball, Eisen takes inspiration from other experts in the field, after years of consuming the same types of content to produce a unique take on the world of fantasy sports.