Virtual classes for children in grades 4 to 6 aim to highlight ‘people’s way out of the darkness of the Holocaust’

For those looking for a different way to educate children about the Holocaust, there is a new distance-learning option.

The Israeli American Council, a conservative Israel advocacy group, in spring 2020 launched the Ofek Hub, “an online school with an Israeli twist,” according to the organization.

The group is now offering a program on the Holocaust aimed at students in grades four to six, which “offers a unique look into the darkest of times in modern Jewish history through the lens of hope and dignity,” the organization states. “Using methods of interactive learning and exposure to children’s art, we will explore what the Holocaust was and how it came to be, with a clear focus on the brave people and actions that helped the Jews of Europe find hope within the chaos, remain human under dehumanizing conditions, and against all odds – survive.

This class is dedicated to the lights that elevated the Jewish spirit and guided our people’s way out of the darkness of the Holocaust.”

The five-session program takes place on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. beginning March 9. The cost is $65.

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