United Hebrew partnering with Israeli olive oil company in unique fundraiser



A staple of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is perhaps the fountain of youth just under our noses. It is widely accepted by scientists that Mediterranean countries can attribute long life expectancies to their olive oil-rich diets. The ancient industry was rediscovered by Jewish Israelis in a culinary rebirth of the last decade or so that saw similar booms in the fields of boutique wine, artisan cheeses and breads.

“There is no doubt that Israel is one of the world’s great success stories going into the 21st century with the transformation of the country from a desert into a thriving land,” said Yishail Gelb, co-founder of My Tree in Israel, an Israeli olive oil company with a unique business plan that has made its way here to St. Louis.

What Is My Tree?

My Tree was founded by Kobi Assaf, his son Ofir and Gelb. Kobi is an Israeli Moroccan, born and raised in Israel. Ofir was born in Israel and is a second generation Israeli. Yishai is an Israeli American, first Generation Israeli. They are all small local farmers with olive groves in Israel. But, instead of simply producing their olive oil, and distributiing where they can, the trio embarked on a vision to connect supporters from around the world to the land of Israel in a tangible and meaningful way.

“Many people are looking for ways to show their love and support for Israel,” said Gelb, “So, when theytake part in this special My Tree in Israel project and choose to adopt a tree in the land of Israel, they are: supporting and promoting Israeli agriculture; strengthening and contributing to the Israeli economy; and Deepening both yours and our roots in the land of Israel.

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From there, the project aims to support an Israeli farmer who will take loving care of your tree, and the best part – supporters receive 6 bottles of Extra Virgin Kosher Olive Oil with your name on each bottle sent directly to your doorstep.

Here is how it works

The process is fairly simple. Online, you adopt an olive tree in Israel near Jezreel Valley. During the year, the farmer takes care of your tree and cultivates it. When the harvest arrives sometime in November, the company works to produce pure, high-quality Kosher extra virgin boutique olive oil for you. Six bottles of the oil will be personalized with your name or the name of your choice and sent to you after the harvest.

The idea has also grown into a fundrasing opportunity.

“Some expressed their desire to use our platform to set up a fundraiser for their community/congregation/temple,” said Gelb. “This is why My Tree has developed a partnership program that I think may interest you as well. If your community works throughout the year to connect its members to Israel, and if your community would like to add another way to fundraise, you may find this an attractive opportunity.”

For an organizstion such as United Hebrew that has partnered with My Tree in Israel.

If you are interested in learning more, or if you’re with a group that would like to partner with My Tree in Israel, visit their website.