U.City Shul begins TIKUN Sunday School

The TIKUN Sunday School begins in August with educational programs for children of all ages and backgrounds. “We are creating a Jewish learning experience which the kids will want to come for and not want to leave,” said Rabbi Elazar Grunberger of the U.City Shul. “Our teachers are young, talented, and super role models, who know how to make Jewish education fun and a positive Jewish experience.”

The TIKUN Shul Sunday School does not begin and end with the children. “We’re offering an exciting program for the parents as well,” says Rabbi Grunberger. The adult program will run concurrent with the kids program and there will be opportunities for inter-generational activities as well. Topics will range from the basic beliefs of Judaism to understanding the holidays and the “whys” of Jewish traditions.

The school will meet from 10 a.m. to noon on Sundays and take place at the U.City Shul, 700 North and South Road. Tuition is very affordable and no child will be turned away due to lack of funds or other financial issues. Also, no membership dues are required.

For more information, contact tikunsu[email protected] or Rabbi Grunberger at 314-863-SHUL (7485).