Trailnet apologizes for scheduling bike ride on Yom Kippur

Trailnet will holds its annual 100-mile ride in St. Charles on Saturday.

By Eric Berger, staff writer

Trailnet, a nonprofit that promotes non-motorized transportation and access to public transit, has apologized for scheduling a 100-mile bicycle ride event on Yom Kippur.

“Choosing this date was a grave oversight in our planning,” Trailnet CEO Ralph Pfremmer said in a message addressed to the Jewish community. “It was unintentional and we are truly sorry.”

The annual Ride the Rivers Century begins Saturday morning in St. Charles. Yom Kippur, the day of atonement on which Jews traditionally fast, begins Friday at sunset and ends 25 hours later.

Elsewhere, organizers in Washington scheduled a March for Racial Justice on Yom Kippur and later apologized.

 “As an organization, our goal is to make walking and biking better for everyone in the St. Louis community,” Pfemmer said. “Trailnet endeavors to foster a culture that celebrates and embraces diversity in all of its forms. Please accept our apology for this mistake.”