Three St. Louis Maccabi athletes awarded special Midot Medals


This summer marked the 40th year of the JCC Maccabi Games. This year’s games took place in San Diego, Calif., from July 31 to Aug. 5.

The St. Louis team sent 38 young athletes to join 57 other delegations and more than 1,600 Jewish teen athletes from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel and Bulgaria.

The week-long, multi-sport and cultural event utilizes high-quality venues and features competition in sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, tennis, golf and competition dance. The week of competition is accompanied by a wide array of cultural and social activities.

Medal Winners

The St. Louis team came home with several medals from a variety of sports. The 14U Soccer team placed third, taking home the bronze medal. Swimmers Ari and Samuel Hoberman and Alyssa Weisenberg brought home a collection of medals in varying events. Max Peck and Asher Kahn brought home the gold in Spike Ball, which is described as “if volleyball and foursquare had a baby.”

Midot Medal Winners

At the JCC Maccabi Games, Midot Medals are awarded to individuals who embody a value and go above and beyond what is required. Three St. Louis athletes earned this special honor.

Max Jachthuber, a member of the 14U soccer team was awarded the Midot Medal by Coach Neal Alsop, of New Orleans, in response to sticking up for a teammate while breaking up a fight. Max was not able to play in the semi-final game despite several other coaches vouching for him, yet he showed incredible leadership skills and eventually led the team to a third-place finish.

Max Jachthuber

Gabie Klaven, a member of the girls’ soccer team, earned her Midot Medal for always being kind and considerate and for being an amazing teammate. Her Midot Medal was given to her by her coach from Montreal, Chi Yen Lim.

Gabie Klaven and Coach Chi Yen Lim

“Gabie was awarded the Midot Medal for Ga’ava. Pride is the feeling of being confident in the world. Gabie joined the Maccabi games as a midfielder in the girl’s mixed soccer team. When no other player volunteered to play as a goalie, Gabie stepped in having played in net only a handful of times when she was 9 years old. Little did we know, Gabie quickly instilled confidence in her team from the little experience she’s had in her life. Congratulations Gabie,” said Yen Lim.

Eli Reppy, a member of the U14 Boys Baseball team, earned his Midot Medal after being nominated by Coach Cole Cretcher from Palo Alto, Calif. In a letter to the St. Louis team, Cretcher wrote:

“I wanted to share a compliment for one of your U14 baseball athletes, Eli Reppy.  I met Eli because he became fast friends with my U14 baseball and tennis athletes. He was always such a pleasure to have around and when my tennis athlete lost during a medal competition, Eli was on hand to console the athlete and offer some words of encouragement. I haven’t ever observed a 14-year-old have the wisdom/wherewithal to step in for support as he did. My athlete was very upset but after speaking with Eli, he bounced back and was able to enjoy the rest of his time in San Diego.”

Eli Reppy

The St. Louis Delegation

  • Hockey
    Hobey Alton
    Mason Jachthuber
    William Small
    DJ Levenson
    Jack Zimmerman
  • 14U Basketball
    Samuel Manlin
    Adam Klein
    Jacob Genin
    Miles Settler
    Cooper Buxner
    Bodie Buxner
    Maddox Wolf
    Noah Murov
    Adam Ornberg
  • 14U Soccer
    Jared Snyder
    Jonah Starenchak
    Maxwell Jachthuber
    Roa Eidelman
  • 14U Baseball
    Jacob Winograd
    Eli Reppy
    Asher Kahn
  • 16U Basketball
    Micah Perryman
    Kenneth Gould
    Luke Nissenholtz
    Luke Brockman
    Will Heligman
    Max Peck
    Chase Giancola
  • 16U Soccer
    Davis Brown
  • 16U Baseball
    Leo Brown
    Sam Ross
    Noah Kravetz
    Nathan Arst
  • Swimming
    Ari Hoberman
    Samuel Hoberman
    Alyssa Weisenberg
  • Girls Soccer
    Gabriella Klaven
    Lia Lev
  • Spike Ball
    Max Peck
    Asher Kahn
  • Coaches
    Steve Guller
    Brett Kalmes
    Roger Siwak
    Joey Mufson
    Ron Gibbs
  • Delegation Head
    Emilie Brockman