The story behind NCJWSTL’s Coffee Talk SnL


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

When coffee and a good topic come together, magic can happen, and when it does, you have the recipe for what we call “Coffee Talk.” Now, you may think we’re talking about “Coffee Talk” starring Linda Richman.  While the entire nation fell in love with Linda, (the fictitious interpretation of SNL’s Mike Myers’ real-life mother-in-law, and her exaggerated Brooklyn accent) the Coffee Talk actually we’re talking about is the cleverly named: “Coffee Talk with SnL.”

Coffee Talk with SnL

Coffee Talk with SnL started on July 30, 2020. It is hosted by NCJWSTL’s Past President, Susan Katzman (S), and Vice President of Membership, Lisa Gubernik (L), and is presented by the National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis.

“We started Coffee Talk as a way for members and non-members to stay engaged during the pandemic and NCJWSTL,” said Gubernik. “Since NCJW continues to bring their members important and serious issues and speakers, we wanted to find a light-hearted program for people and introduce them to people they might not have the opportunity to meet.”

The show is fun, light and often an interactive program.


“We try to bring interesting people on the show, like the actress Annie Potts, chefs, Scott Redler was one of our guests, the previous owner of Freddy’s Steakburgers, local designers/entrepreneurs like Diane Katzman and Madison Marks, or news personalities such as Jasmine Huda,” said Gubernik.

The show is usually an interview-style, with Katzman and Gubernik asking the special guests questions. There is always time for the audience to ask the guest their own questions as well. Other shows are demonstrations such as Marcia Mermelstein who showed how to make an apple pie.

A staple of the show has been a baby picture of the special guest. When either Lisa or Susan introduces the special guest, a baby picture is shown on the screen. The practice has become a fan favorite.

The next show

The next Coffee Talk SnL is set for Tuesday, April 19th. It will feature a salute to Mother’s Day with Companion Baking featuring several recipes that will turn an ordinary brunch into extraordinary. Companion Baking has been around for 29 years, making it a St. Louis staple.

Nancie Breunig will share these recipes with Katzman and Gubernik and they are sure to impress the special mother in your life this Mother’s Day. Breunig, a French-culinary trained chef, is the Culture and Development Manager for Companion.

There will be a raffle for a generous $50 Companion gift card. Register today! Must be present to win, so be sure to register, for free, by visiting this link.