The marvelous Ms. Marci Mayer Eisen

Ellen Futterman, Editor-in-Chief

Marci Mayer Eisen
Marci Mayer Eisen

When I started working in the St. Louis Jewish community more than a dozen years ago, one of the first people to call and welcome me was Marci Mayer Eisen, director of the Millstone Institute and staff person for JProStl, which supports professionals working in the STL Jewish community. At the time, I mostly knew Eisen through her husband, Rick, a college buddy, but that didn’t stop her from reaching out to find out if there was anything I needed. 

In the 12 years since, I don’t think more than a couple of months have gone by without the two us checking in with each other. Mostly I’m the one who benefits because she has terrific story suggestions. Heck, she knows pretty much everyone working in the STL Jewish community, and then some. She’s also an incredible sounding board for story ideas and ways to collaborate with other Jewish organizations.

Now, to help celebrate and recognize Eisen’s 40th anniversary of outstanding work in the local Jewish community, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis is establishing an endowment, the Fund for Professional Development. Through an application process open to professionals who work in Jewish organizations, congregations and schools, the fund will provide annual scholarships for seminars, conferences, leadership programs and Jewish education.

Highlights of Eisen’s career include her early years at the Jewish Community Center with Big Brothers, Dad & I and dozens of family events, including the Children’s Activity Centers, Shalom Baby and Tour de Fun. Eisen coordinated the opening of the Jewish Community Center’s Fox Building in Chesterfield and led the Helene Mirowitz Department of Jewish Community Life.

After more than two years at the Jewish Community Relations Council, Eisen joined the Federation staff. She elevated JProStl to become a model for Jewish professional associations around the country and advanced Federation’s focus on volunteer leadership through the Millstone Institute. 

Along the way, she engaged hundreds of volunteer leaders and mentored many graduate students and staff. Cheers to my friend and colleague Marci Mayer Eisen and her lasting legacy.

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