The Lighter Side: Q&A with Peggy Landsbaum of the J


Peggy Landsbaum is member services manager at the St. Louis Jewish Community Center.

Eric Berger, Associate Editor

Peggy Landsbaum, member services manager at the St. Louis Jewish Community Center

In one or two sentences, can you describe your job?

Meeting members and helping with accounts, answering any questions or concerns about the J memberships or programs. I’m really great at receiving compliments about our J community as well!

My understanding is that you have been at the JCC since 2006. What has kept you at the organization for such a long time?

The people!  I love our members and our fantastic staff! I really feel like I see the circle of life working at the J.  I love the J community and family!

What was closing the J during the COVID-19 pandemic like for you? 

Unbelievably sad and lonely. I have never experienced anything like this and hope we don’t have to again. It was surreal. I was one of the few that came into the office and not to have any members, all the hustle and bustle was just unbelievable. I never realized how many different sounds there are at the J until you don’t hear them!

How has reopening and loosening restrictions affected you and your job?

It has made my job a happier place!  I love seeing our members come back and the excitement we have of seeing them see their friends from the J too!  The best part about loosening restrictions is seeing peoples faces and what I missed most their smiling faces! To hear and see people laugh while walking up to their class just makes me smile.

What do you do for self-care, when you need a break from work, family and friends and just want to recharge?

My drive to and from work. Just being in my car for the 30-45 minute drive I’m able to listen to the radio, maybe do some singing, relaxes me! Working out would be great too.