The Lighter Side: Q&A with Danielle Stewart

Danielle Stewart

By Ellen Futterman

Danielle Stewart, Digital Marketing Manager at the Jewish Community Center

How long have you worked in the STL Jewish community?

Six years – I began at the J on January 5, 2015.

Can you explain your job in a few sentences?

I’m responsible for any digital marketing and communications: email marketing, Google Ads, website, social media, etc. I like to say if it’s marketing and it touches the internet, then that’s me! 

How has the pandemic impacted your job?

Digital communication is an important part of the marketing mix every day, but during a quarantine, it became an even bigger piece of how we worked to keep our community engaged and up-to-date on our news. Our entire team at the J jumped quickly to make the transition, creating online community when an in-person community wasn’t possible. This meant an increase in videos, new Facebook groups, regular email communications, a new online member portal and so much more.

What have you missed the most during the pandemic?

I’m a big board gamer (like a ‘go to a board game convention each year’ level of gamer), so I really miss game nights with my friends. 

Where is the first place you’d like to travel to once you feel safe to do so?

I love visiting National Parks, so I’d like to get back on track of visiting a couple a year. Glacier and Redwood are on the list.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

During the pandemic, I’ve tried really hard not to just increase my Netflix or gaming time (it was plenty before work from home). I set a goal to read more and finished 60 books in 2020.

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