St. Louis woman’s new idea gives your Hanukkah gifts some extra flair


St. Louisan’s new idea to give your Hanukkah gifts some extra flair.

You have eight nights of gifts to give, which means eight gifts to wrap, but are you just going to use a regular piece of wrapping paper? If you’re looking to expand your wrapping horizons this Hanukkah, we have a new idea for you.

The idea comes from St. Louis woman Duffy Hofer.

Hofer, a mother of two teenagers, came up with this idea out of frustration every year around the holidays. As they got older, they easily deciphered their gifts based on the shapes of the boxes.  Hofer decided she needed a new ay to disguise the boxes, so her son’s would enjoy the gifts more.

Out of this frustration and need, Hofer designed Disguise The Surprise to solve this problem for all of us.  It’s a set of dividers that you arrange around your one special item in a shirt box to disguise or use the dividers to make your own multi-item gift box.

“If a parent is giving their child a special gift (cell phone, AirPods, video game, jewelry box), they can use the Disguise The Surprise dividers to disguise the item in a shirt box,” said Hofer. “Kids are looking for small rectangular or square-shaped boxes, not a shirt box, so when they lift the lid and see something way cooler (something they really wanted) that is where the excitement comes in.”

Parents can now do something unique and clever that creates a special moment, without having to come up with a way to execute on their own.   “Moms love things that help save them time!  This could be one of the gifts they give over the course of the 8 nights,” said Hofer.

Hofer sells small two-inch boxes on her website in packs of eight.  You can pick from white or silver colors, which would be good for Hanukkah.

If someone can’t be with their family, but wants to send a gift, the dividers are a perfect way to hold your items in place.  They help keep your items from moving all around.  This is where a fun multi-item box could be nice.  “You can have your “special” gift in one section, but fill the remaining sections with some other smaller fun items,” said Hofer. Roll up some money, gelts, dreidels, candy, gum, lip balm, football cards, hair accessories, socks or anything else you can think of.”

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