St. Louis Kollel plans Jewish Unity Live 2017

Spirit of St. Louis Kollel awardees (top row from left): Rabbi Ze’ev and Chani Smason, Rabbi Yaakow and Elisheva Green, and David and Linda Markowitz, (bottom row from left): Sam Muzik, Rabbi Jacob and Sarah Glickfield and Chaim and Talia Schuss.

St. Louis Kollel will hold its signature annual event, “Jewish Unity Live,” Sunday, Feb. 26 at the Khorassan Room of the Chase Park Plaza. 

The organization will present the Spirit of St. Louis Kollel award to Rabbi Ze’ev and Chani Smason, Rabbi Yaakov and Elisheva Green, Rabbi Jacob and Sarah Glickfield, Sam Muzik, Chaim and Talia Schuss, and David and Linda Markowitz. The event will feature a kosher buffet and assorted wine pairings. 

Following the “Spirit of St. Louis Kollel” theme, the event will include several “Spirit Stations” to attend one hour before the event, featuring special programming from each of the Kollel’s major divisions:

• Temima Feldman from Far Rockaway, N.Y., will present “Harnessing the Power of Women” for the Eishes Chayil Women’s division

• The Two Tablets Medical Ethics division and Senior Kollel will present Dr. Joseph Bloom from the Washington University School of Medicine to speak on “Genes, Longevity, Behavior and Free Will” 

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• Partners in Torah and Amud-A-Week will present Beis Medrash style chavrusa learning

• The Torah & Turf division will present an inspirational pep talk for flag football fans.

The “Spirit Stations” start at 5 p.m., with the rest of the event to follow. For more information, including cost, call 314-726-6047 or email [email protected].