Shirlee Green Preschool Annual Book Fair at Borders

The Shirlee Green Preschool’s Parents Advisory Council (PAC) will host its annual Book Fair from Sunday, Feb. 6 through Saturday, Feb. 12 at Borders Bookstore at Ballas Road and Olive Boulevard. A portion of all sales will go to help furnish books for the preschool’s new “Alan Greenberg Resource Room.” A designated flyer must be used when purchasing books at Borders during this week in order for the Shirlee Green Preschool to receive its respective donations. This flyer will be given out to students and be available in the Preschool’s office.

In addition, people may buy books for individual classrooms or directly for the “Resource Room.” The teachers’ wish lists for their classrooms will be located in the children’s section of Borders.

Kicking off the book fair will be the preschool’s annual Grandparents’ Event, held on Sunday, Feb. 6 from 10 to 11 a.m. in the children’s section at Borders.

To obtain a copy of the flyer or for more information, contact Emily Schwedt at [email protected].