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While many of us were quarantined at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, Jewish doctors, nurses, grocery store employees and other essential workers put their own safety at risk to take care of us and our loved ones. 

Without their commitment and dedication, the death rate in this country would likely be even higher than the 90,000 Americans COVID-19 has already claimed and our economy would be at even more of a standstill.

In St. Louis, these essential workers have operated amidst 1,682 known cases of COVID-19 and 100 known deaths due to the virus in the city and 4,374 known cases and 347 known deaths in the county, according to data from the city and county governments. 

On behalf of the St. Louis Jewish community, the Jewish Light wants to thank those on the frontline for their service. We also want to provide readers a glimpse of what that important work looks like and what it feels like to the people performing it.