Rabbis, Brothers Lazaroff collaborate for upcoming concert

From left are Uri Sharlin, Haggai Cohen Milo, Rabbi James Stone Goodman, Rabbi Zach Fredman and Rami Elaaser in a New York City studio. Goodman and Fredman, along with the Brothers Lazaroff, will perform July 1 at CRC. Photo: Zivar Amrami

Three rabbis and Americana roots band Brothers Lazaroff are partnering for a concert at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 1 at Central Reform Congregation, 5020 Waterman Boulevard, as the second part of an effort to include St. Louis in the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities. 

The concert, featuring Rabbi James Goodman, Rabbi Susan Talve, Rabbi Zach Fredman and the Brothers Lazaroff, was created through what Goodman called “the three C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, and Compassion.”

“We will celebrate the nature of collaboration, the key to the door that opens onto creativity between generations — teacher to student, student to teacher,” Goodman said. “Real collaboration means something new rising. Where we meet somewhere outside of time and age and it no longer matters who has given what to whom, we are contributing to each other and rising over our former borders because of it.”

Goodman and the Brothers Lazaroff collaborated on the CD “Eight Nights,” which “celebrated alternative wisdom around themes suggested by Hanukkah,” and “The Book of Healing,” a CD of song/spoken word/rap/ poetry and music. Fredman, a former St. Louisan now in New York City, and Goodman combined a traditional Jewish eastern Mediterranean musical form called maqam and wedded it to a spoken piece for every portion of the Torah. The videos they created are posted each week based on the yearly Torah reading cycle (available at themaqamproject.com). 

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The concert builds on the “Compassion: A Ceremony” event earlier this year celebrating music, poetry and story, introducing the Compassionate Cities coalition, based on Karen Armstrong’s TED prize-winning Charter for Compassion.

Admission to the concert is a free will offering.

For more information, visit facebook.com/compassionstl or charterforcompassion.org/cities.