Rabbi Plotkin to leave B’nai El by June 2011

Rabbi Daniel Plotkin of B’nai El Congregation will end his tenure with B’nai El on June 30, 2011, if not earlier, should he accept a position with another congregation or organization. The announcement was made to the congregation in letters from Rabbi Plotkin and from Craig Roth, president, and the vice presidents of the Reform congregation in Frontenac.

In his letter, Rabbi Plotkin, who has served at B’nai El for five years, said, “Following numerous discussions between myself and the officers of the congregation, and based on discussion among the B’nai El Board of Directors, the board and I have concluded that my tenure with B’nai El will end on June 30, 2011, if not earlier should I accept a position with another congregation or organization.”

Rabbi Plotkin continued, “I want to express my appreciation to the members of B’nai El for bringing me to St. Louis and for being such an important part of the life that Rachel and I have built here, especially as my family has grown. I am proud of my achievements as rabbi of this congregation and I look forward to continue serving you as your rabbi for the remainder of my time here.

“As Rachel and I considered our future, having an opportunity to be closer to family was an important factor for us in making this decision. We both wish the best for B’nai El and all of its members as you look toward the future. It is my intention to assist the congregation in whatever way it desires so that B’nai El can move forward on the best possible road toward achieving its vision and goals.”

The letter sent to the congregation and released to the Jewish Light by Craig Roth, president and Bill Levin, Bryan Loving and Howard Franklin, vice presidents, stated, “It is with gratitude that we express our sincere thanks to Rabbi Plotkin and his wife, Rachel, for the dedication, energy and spiritual devotion to our congregation these past five years, and for any foreseeable future that we will be able to share together. We wish them the very best as they begin their new journey and encourage all members to continue to show their support for the congregation and Rabbi Plotkin and his family.”

Among other community activities, Rabbi Plotkin is a member of the St. Louis Rabbinical Association and the St. Louis Jewish Light Board of Trustees.