Pratzel’s finds home inside Kohn’s


Pratzel’s Bakery recently moved its retail location into Kohn’s Kosher Market, bringing some of the best kosher bagels and meats in St. Louis conveniently under the same roof.

“There were a number of factors for this move,” Ronnie Pratzel, owner of Pratzel’s said. “First and foremost was the opportunity to be with Kohn’s in what we think is a mutual clientele of kosher customers. Our lease was due so we decided to go and act. We have also always observed the same kosher rules, like being closed for the Jewish holidays that came about, so it seemed like it was going to be a good match.”

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Because Pratzel’s is a completely pareve bakery, the two businesses do not have to worry about mixing meat and dairy products. Pratzel’s moved into Kohn’s only a few weeks ago, but Pratzel said many people do not know they are there yet. Pratzel’s is located in the front of Kohn’s, so the bakery is not hard to find.

Even though the businesses are separate, Pratzel said the staff at Kohn’s have been very helpful, and the two groups work well together.

“It’s nice,” said Lenny Kohn, owner of Kohn’s Kosher Market. “We’re getting some crossover business. My customers that Pratzel’s previously didn’t have are buying, and the same goes for us. A lot of people that would go there every Friday are very happy because they come here at the same time.”

Pratzel shares the same feelings about working with Kohn’s.

“They’re nice people,” Pratzel said. “Kohn’s has always been a customer of ours so we knew a lot of their staff already. They’ve blended nicely.”

So far, there hasn’t been any significant change in the amount of sales for this time of year, compared to amount of sales at the former location.

Some of the most popular items that are sold at Pratzel’s include bagels, hamantashen and their corn Tzitzl bread.

“We’ve also tried to show some new things,” Pratzel said. “Some cakes for the Sabbath and different decorated cookies just to kind of brighten the store and offer some new things.”

Pratzel said the bakery has received mostly a positive customer response about their move. The only disadvantage is that the customers who lived near the former location, in University City, have a farther drive to get to the new location now.

“The location avails itself a little more to the population that lives in the Creve Coeur and Chesterfield area, without having gone completely away from U City,” Pratzel said. “We are obviously not going to make everybody happy but we’ve tried to accommodate as best as we could. Our goal is to be as customer friendly and community friendly as we can be. In order to try to not alienate or abandon anybody, we’re talking to folks at Diamant’s to carry some of our products, especially on Thursday and Sunday.”

Kohn said that Pratzel’s and Kohn’s have been doing business together for a long time, and said the new addition is a great idea.

“We hope that it will be a win-win for the community and for us as well,” Pratzel said. “I think we are doing what we intended to do, which is serve the Jewish community, and I think we’re maintaining that.”