Police investigating Olivette home vandalism as possible hate crime


By Eric Berger, Associate Editor

A Jewish family’s home in Olivette was vandalized sometime during the night of Aug. 23-24 in what the local police are treating as a hate crime.

The perpetrator, who has not been arrested, left a severed pig head at the home and spray-painted the porch, according to the Olivette Police. 

The display included “Christian verse, designs that may have satanic overtones but we’re not sure,” said Karen Aroesty, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

“It’s almost like someone threw a bunch of nasty spaghetti up on a wall and decided which of the nastiness would stick,” said Aroesty.

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The Jewish Light is not identifying the residents, and they did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Aroesty said the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also researching the vandalism. She has been in contact with the various law enforcement agencies and the Olivette family to provide support.

“It’s still a very, very early investigation,” said Olivette Police Chief David Wolf. “Unfortunately, these things don’t get solved overnight, but we are working to see if we can bring it to closure.”

Wolf declined to say if the police had any suspects.

“I would ask for the community’s patience, and I know that’s hard because there is a lot of anxiety out there right now,” Aroesty said.