Parkway North junior has got the gab, releases new Field of Vision podcast episode


By Alec Baris, Digital Content Manager

We all love sports, but not necessarily old men yelling at each other calling it a sports show.

That was the idea behind Jordan Eisen, a junior at Parkway North High School who is also Jewish (and contributor to the Jewish Light), starting his fantasy sports podcast, “Field of Vision Sports.”

Since the end of 2019, Eisen has interviewed the most influential analysts in the fantasy sports community, almost every single week. Covering both football and baseball, Jordan takes inspiration from other experts in the field, after years of consuming the same types of content to produce a unique take on the world of fantasy sports.

You may find similar podcasts on the market, but Field of Vision is the only one where a high schooler runs the show.

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This week, Jordan interviewed Eli Fishman, who runs the YouTube channel “Talking Ball with Eli Fishman.” In the episode, released on Friday, Apr. 16, Jordan and Eli go over the big performances from the past week (most notably J.D. Martinez and his monster start to the season), as well as going over their fantasy baseball “victory laps” on guys that proved their preseason predictions right so far.

Even though there’s only been a little more than a week of baseball, they will stick by their predictions, even if not right about them in the long run.

To listen in on this unique take in fantasy sports talk, visit the Field of Vision Sports on Apple Podcasts. In addition, follow Jordan on Instagram and Twitter to get posting updates, as well as insights on sports you won’t get just from watching the games alone.