Options abound for party themes


A bar or bat mitzvah is one of the most important days in a young person’s life and one of the biggest memories of that day is the theme of the party.

Though she’s not an event planner, Bobbie Ring can help parents develop themes they may already have. Ring is the president of Associated Promotions, a company that provides party items.

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“A lot of people come in and they have their themes,” Ring said.

Many common themes include baseball, carnival, Las Vegas, spring and winter.

If you don’t have a theme, Ring said don’t worry.

“We usually establish what the child likes, that’s the first thing,” Ring said. “Then I go through our repertoire and I go through all things that are applicable to that theme.”

For example, if a child loves music, Ring can supply a CD case with a personalized name, date and message on it to pass out to friends. She has also supplied customized boxer shorts and scrubs.

In the past, Ring provided personalized hockey pucks. They were used as gifts and as table cards to tell people where to sit.

“We’re a full service bar and bat mitzvah company,” Ring said. “We do invitations, place cards, cups, candy and nuts including kosher nuts.”

Ring has products from as low as 50 cents to $15.

“We have something for every budget, depending on what they are looking for and what they want to spend,” Ring said.

New technology has expanded what Ring can offers. There are electronic picture frames, calculators and electric pens that can be used with different themes.

Ring can also customize themes. She says that if you are going with a Las Vegas theme, you can get playing cards with the guest of honor’s picture on them.

Ring also doesn’t mind researching a product for customers.

“I have a lot of fun doing that and I usually find what I’m looking for,” Ring said.

Customers can call Ring at 314-432-4090 to set up an appointment.

“My philosophy is to have a win, win, win situation,” Ring said. “If my customer wins and their guests win, then I win.”

Another key piece to the mitzvah party is the linens. Tina Williams, a sales manager for BBJ Linen, said BBJ works with major designers, florists, facilities and caterers.

“There are some fantastic designers in this city,” Williams said. “We definitely aren’t on the same level, but we try to pull out their vision.”

BBJ offers table runners, table cloths and chair covers in a variety of fabrics. BBJ has everything from basic poly-blend fabrics to high-end couture fabric and everything in between.

Williams said they have linens to support any theme from Candy Land to sports to the 1950s.

“I tell people that it is like any event,” Williams said. “When you want something, go ahead and secure it, put a deposit down and cross it off your list and consider it done. If you wait, then we can help you, but it may not be the exact vision you had.”

Williams said customers should call 314-872-8910 for an appointment.

If you are still searching for a theme, many Web sites are available to offer help. Sites such as www.partiesbypanache.com take planners through the entire process.