NA’AMAT launches 2013 Spiritual Adoption campaign

NA’AMAT USA St. Louis Council will launch its 2013 Spiritual Adoption Campaign in June. This year’s campaign focuses on children of economically disadvantaged families in Israel to assure them a place in one of NA’AMAT’S day care centers.

The NA’AMAT day care program has served as a model for the Head Start Program here in the USA and for other pre-school programs throughout the world.

In over 900 classes scattered over Israel, NA’AMAT cares for more than 26,000 children of working parents of new immigrant families and children from low-income families.

Participation in the NA’AMAT Spiritual Adoption Program will insure that those children who need day care will be accommodated at one of our day care centers. For $360 a year, or about $1 a day, anyone can adopt an Israeli child and help make sure that no child is turned away.

NA’AMAT USA has new groups forming. Annual dues are $36. Life membership is $250. For more information, call NA’AMAT USA St. Louis Council at 314-993-3033.