MERS/Goodwill seeks outstanding older worker of 2012

MERS/Goodwill is holding a statewide search for all-star older workers during its 22nd annual Missouri Older Worker of the Year contest.

The contest honors Missouri residents who are at least 65 years old and employed at a Missouri job site for an average of 20 or more hours per week. This year, there will be 10 winners from all over Missouri. MERS/Goodwill will be coordinating the contest in the St. Louis area and St. Charles, Jefferson and Franklin counties. 

“Older workers should be celebrated all year,” said Lewis Chartock, President and CEO of MERS/Goodwill.  “This contest serves as a thank you to those who dedicate their time and energy to better our community through their vocations.”

Nomination forms for 2012’s Older Worker of the Year are at  


Completed forms are due by Aug. 17. Each qualifying nomination will then be reviewed by the selection committee and a winner will be selected from each region. The winners will be invited to attend the two- day award ceremony Oct. 30 and 31 in Jefferson City.

The annual contest is sponsored by MERS/Goodwill, Experience Works, Catholic Charities of Kansas City and the Department of Health and Senior Services.

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