Local Eat of the Week: Kohn’s Pastrami Dog at Busch Stadium


Alec Baris, Digital Engagement Associate

St. Louis is home to some fantastic spots that offer amazing entertainment and dining experiences. As an STL native whose two loves are Cardinal baseball and food, I’m experiencing a new one each week and sharing my thoughts. If you have suggestions for dishes I shouldn’t miss, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

My favorite vacations growing up were ones to baseball cities, where it became a family tradition to travel to other team’s stadiums, support the Birds on the Bat, and try that ballpark’s go-to hot dog. Most stadiums offer food options that are objectively better than a plain-old frank, but you can never go wrong with the classics.

Out of every place I’ve been to (nine total to be exact), the best hot dog has been, unfortunately, the poppyseed-bun dogs at Wrigley Field. As a die-hard Cardinals fan, that is hard to admit. However, that all changed when I was finally convinced to try the Kohn’s Kosher Deli stand at Busch Stadium this year.

There are several options at the Kohn’s stand that hit the spot while enjoying the game on a summer night, including a warm knish or the famous knackwurst, but I’m here to talk about the Pastrami Hot Dog.

In a bun dressed in spicy mustard and filled with grilled onions and sauerkraut, this classic kosher dog comes topped with a heaping pile of Kohn’s pastrami. My tastebuds delighted in each bite of juicy kosher dog and hot pastrami mingled with the mustard, onions and sauerkraut., and provided much satisfaction even when the final Cards score did not. (Cold beer is not required but encouraged).

The Kohn’s cart debuted at Busch back in 2013, just outside section 147.  I’m kicking myself for not trying the Pastrami Dog earlier, but boy am I happy that I found it now.

In a year of Cardinal baseball that has been, for lack of a better word, disappointing, there’s at least one attraction in the stadium that won’t leave you frustrated, but it will leave you wanting more.

Kosher/Not: Kosher

Review: 8/10