Kol Rinah raising funds Nov. 29 for outdoor classroom project

Kol Rinah Early Childhood Center, Kol Rinah Religious School and NewCAJE are raising funds on Giving Tuesday (Nov. 29) to create Makom HaKadosh, The Holy Space Outdoor Classroom at Kol Rinah. 

The project’s fundraising goal is $2,500, in order to create an outdoor classroom promoting the values of caring for the Earth and its animals and for the benefit of the students and congregants of Kol Rinah Early Childhood Center and Kol Rinah Religious School.

On Giving Tuesday, donors can support innovative Jewish education projects — including the Kol Rinah project and others across the country — through the website teachthechildren.mydagsite.com. 

For more information on Giving Tuesday and NewCAJE, email Adam Bronstone, Director of Development, at  [email protected]