Kibitz Cafe returns to Shaare Emeth

Congregation Shaare Emeth will once again offer its Kibitz Café, which serves a once-a-month breakfast on Sunday mornings from 8 to 10:30 a.m. in the congregation’s auditorium.  

Meals range in price from $5.50 to about $7 a plate and feature a variety of tasty options, including “Ken’s Famous French Toast” and “Shawn’s Salami and Eggs.”

Ken Levine is the creator of Kibitz Cafe and the immediate past president of MOSHE (Men of Shaare Emeth). Shawn Rimerman is the current president of this auxiliary group, which is responsible for the monthly meals. Formerly an executive chef in Southern California, Levine came up with the idea for Kibitz Cafe in 2011 and launched it in 2012.

“It’s a real restaurant,” he says. “You come in to the auditorium and you’re seated at a family-style table and handed a menu. You have real silverware and a real plate and cup in front of you. A waiter, who is one of our members, comes by and takes your order.”

Under Levine’s direction, approximately 25 volunteers wait tables, wash dishes, prepare food and do whatever else is needed to help the morning go smoothly. 

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The menu is diverse and includes eggs, potatoes, bagels and cream cheese, pancakes, waffles and French toast, in addition to seasonal specials including matzah brei, which will be served during Hanukkah.

While many of the most frequent Kibitz Cafe patrons are religious school families, the experience is open to anyone — including members of the general public.

The next Kibitz Cafe is Sunday, Nov. 19. It will continue on Dec. 10, Jan. 21, Feb. 11, March 11 and April 8.