Karen Solomon Initiative plans 16-week internship

Jewish Federation of St. Louis will launch the second phase of the Karen Solomon Internship Initiative, a program of the St. Louis Jewish Community Inclusion Initiative. The initiative will offer a part time, 16-week paid internship to enhance job skills for a young adult with disabilities, who will engage in a meaningful employment experience in one of the Jewish community organizations.

The first phase of the program was launched in late March, 2015. The program’s first intern successfully completed a 16-week internship at Jewish Federation. In this next phase, an intern will have the opportunity to work in another Jewish organization in a workplace that both accommodates individuals with a range of disabilities and a work environment that promotes inclusion of all employees. 

Applications are being accepted through Sept. 16. For more information, contact Rinat Kisin at [email protected], or 314-442-3801. The program is supported by the Bill Solomon family.